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Polk County is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteer and professional organizations putting the pieces together to address senior’s needs. In recent years The Lakeland Leadership Council on Seniors has been instrumental in inspiring conversation about how, together, we can serve seniors better. One issue that the council and other local organizations readily recognize is the need for an effective information source for seniors that will bring together the many resources available in our community. Polk ElderCare Guide has committed to creating this resource in print and online for Polk County. This is the base of the new directory. There is much more to come and we are constantly seeking out additional resources for seniors and their families with the help of other community leaders. Your feedback is welcomed, so let us know if this is helpful to you!

                                                  Live Assistance is Available

The Senior Connection Center, formerly known as the West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging, will lend their voice to this directory and their trained staff can assist families in locating resources via telephone. If you would like to speak to someone live on senior related issues call 1-800-96-Elder(35337) and they will be happy to assist you.

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