All About Aging

Providing Solutions for Families

All About Aging is an Aging Life Care practice (also known as Geriatric Care Management) founded in 2006 that serves Polk and Highlands Counties in central Florida. We help families navigate the aging process, particularly when there is dementia involved. Many families are unsure about where to get answers as their loved ones age; we are here to provide guidance and assistance when you are ready.

Clients may not have family, family may live out of town, family may disagree about necessary care, or the family may be busy juggling careers and children. Whatever the reason, we are available to be the professional family member you can lean on in your time of need. Essentially a privately hired social worker, Aging Life Care Managers function as an advocate, a problem solver, a resource, a confidant, and an emotional support for families. Our work is highly varied because our clients’ needs are varied, but could include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Assessments & Life Care Planning
  • Medical Patient Advocacy
    • Physician visit advocacy in person
    • ER/Hospitalization advocacy in person
  • Care Management for Aging in Place
    • Regular status update visits
    • Medication systems
    • Coordinating other service providers
    • Home maintenance coordination
  • Dementia Care Support
    • Facilitating acceptance of care
    • Resolving challenging behaviors
  • Facility Placement
  • Crisis intervention
  • Daily Money Management
    • Bill paying
    • Filing claims
    • Negotiating with creditors
    • Organizing paperwork

Whether it is short term or long term, we provide you with answers, manage your challenges, and to step into action when you need professional support. All of our care managers are members of the Aging Life Care Association and are held to their Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Our goal is to reduce your stress, improve quality of life, and provide peace of mind.

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