Mental Health Awareness

Nearly one in five American adults experience mental illness each year (NAMI).  Let’s talk about it.

<img src="jameskinglmhc" alt="James King, LMHC Peace River Center">Welcome to Season Two!

This Week on Sage Aging

Nearly one in five American adults experience mental illness each year (NAMI).  I don’t know about you, but when I hear “mental illness,” I think of the more severe conditions that fall under that description. I think that is probably true for a lot of people. But the truth is, “mental illness” includes things like anxiety, depression, and ADHD. That’s a little more relatable, isn’t it? Every person I know has experienced at least one of those at one point or another. Perhaps we should find something else to call it….I guess that is a conversation for another day. This week we will focus on simply bringing the conversation to the surface! Click the player below to listen and subscribe 🙂

My Guest

My guest today is Jim king. Jim is the Director of Inpatient Services at Peace River Center. He’s a licensed mental health counselor and is very passionate about helping people to gain access to mental health services. Through his own life experiences, both personal and professional, Jim provides great insight into the topic of mental health.

What We Covered
  • Why mental health is a public health issue
  • Removing the stigma associated with seeking help
  • Common challenges aging adults and their caregivers/families experience
  • Types of mental healthcare practices
Links & Resources
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Liz Craven

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As I’ve been preparing to launch this podcast I’ve enjoyed revisiting stages of my own life and reflecting on how this topic became such a passion for me. While I’ve built my career on helping older adults and their families connect to needed education and resources, my connection to the aging and care process goes much deeper.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of my own multi-generational family living together in one home. I was 4 or 5 when my grandmother moved into our home to help care for my sisters and I while our parents worked. Soon after, her father and grandfather moved in as well. We had 5 generations living under one roof! That was a beautifully chaotic adventure and knowing what I know now, I have so much respect for what my parents and grandmother did.

Fast forward to age 24. Newly married and pregnant with our first child, I spent several months with my in-laws to help care for my husband’s grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. Fast forward again to about 2009 – Wes and I have two teenagers about to head to college and his mother is diagnosed with cancer. Several years later, my mother is diagnosed with cancer. Several years after that Wes’ stepdad is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and his father is suffering from severe dementia. You can see where this is going right? For the better part of the last 10 years we have been the caregivers. We see it as an honor and privilege to have been able to do that for our parents.

The key to navigating our later years is being proactive about gathering information before we get there and staying engaged once we do. To be sage is to be wise. There is wisdom in taking the time to ask questions, seek solutions and know your options before the need arises.

Each week we will discuss relevant topics of aging with experts who can help us to understand and be better prepared for aging. We’ll also introduce you to some Sage Agers who are totally owning their journeys through life. No topic will be off limits and we will deliver open and honest conversation meant to educate and empower our listeners. Each episode will also be available in video and blog formats.

Whether you are proactively seeking to broaden your own knowledge, a caregiver for a loved one or a professional working in the aging care industry, this podcast is for you. We hope you will join us as we explore and celebrate Sage Aging.